Open Concept #1

Massey Engineering designed the means and methods for the removal of multiple load bearing walls, as well as the beams to span the new 16 foot opening in either direction.

Browns Finished.jpg
Open Concept #2

The homeowner's existing living room layout was chopped up by a hallway and half wall with columns. Massey Engineering provided a inspection of the existing structure and retrofit plans to enable the removal of the columns/wall. The flow of the living area is much more functional now!

Open Concept #3

Massey Engineering was chosen to remove and relocate multiple load bearing walls, as well as partial restructuring, to allow for this beautiful kitchen to take shape.

Attic Conversion #1

Though the picture to the left is not a picture of our project, it is exactly what we were tasked with doing for a client. Attic conversions are more than just laying floor and drywall. Attic spaces were not designed to handle the loads caused by occupancy and therefore require extensive restructuring to become livable; that is where Massey Engineering comes in. Many of our clients that have converted their attics tend to add an additional 2-3 bedrooms and a bath, however, this particular client wanted to add a movie theater to their upstairs! Imagine the comfort of watching movies in this room during a nice rainy sunday!